Essential Cycling Tips for Women


Cycling is as much a woman’s sport as it as a man’s. That being said, female cyclists should also keep in mind certain measures for a safe, enjoyable and enriching ride each time. For example, choosing the right bike is key. has already got us started with the best hybrid bikes for women. However, there is more to it than riding the right two-wheeler.

Today, we’re going to share with you essential cycling tips every female rider should remember.

Invest in the best pair of cycling shorts

Buying the right cycling shorts is something we can never stress enough. When you choose mediocre ones because “it’s just a hobby”, you are more prone to saddle soreness. What starts as a sore can lead to infection, which can then lead to vaginitis or bacterial vaginitis.

So don’t hesitate to spend a little more on your cycling shorts. If you find that men’s shorts fit you better, go right ahead and get them. What’s most important is you feel comfortable and protected. Good thing us women are well versed when it comes to shopping!

Buy the right saddle

Often, we’re faced with a cycling market where there’s a line between what’s meant for men and what’s meant for women. However, there are certain parts of it that can be more harmful than helpful. For one, the wrong saddle can also lead to soreness among females. One of the best solutions is to use forked saddles by brands like Adamo, which are frequently marketed to men.

Also, remember that women shouldn’t always have a wider saddle than men. Just because we have wider hips, it doesn’t necessarily mean wider saddles will make us more comfortable. So always make sure you are choosing the right saddle for you. Try not to be swayed by everything the market says. At the end of the day, you are the one who is going to power through long rides.

Deal with the soreness right away

There are many reasons why you can be feeling sore in your nether regions. It could be caused by the wrong bike, poor hygiene or catapulting from a short ride to a long-distance one too soon. Either way, you should deal with the soreness right away so you don’t have to suffer from other complications.

Be sure to soak yourself in a comfortably-hot water bath up to three times a day. If needed, apply ointment on the region such as Neosporin. You can also apply moleskin around the sore.

Train with your male counterparts

Men are generally believed to be physically stronger than women. Some may take this as a sign of weakness but for us, we use this to our advantage. What we like to do is train with our male counterparts. This way, we push ourselves to be better, faster and stronger. We take it as an opportunity to be the best pro rider or commuter we can be.

Remember that it’s always best to have a mindset that you can hang and ride with anyone. Never put a limit on yourself because this is when you won’t realize your full potential.